The holiday season is just around the corner, that means it’s time to break out your favorite pumpkin recipes and warm treats to share with friends and family. It also means that it’s time to start thinking about holiday gifts for family, friends and probably the toughest one; clients.

At Scentinel Candle and Gift we love the holiday season because it’s a great time to help our clients better understand what makes a good promotional gift, and why it’s important to give them. Promotional or corporate gifts are often something that’s done last minute or half-baked. This holiday season we want to help you make your corporate gifts unforgettable and to do that we’re going to share our secret recipe for a great holiday promotional item.


Scentinel’s Sweet Promotional Gift Recipe


3 Cups Utility
1 ½ cups Quality
3 Tbs Presentation
2 Tsp of Messaging


Measure out 3 heaping cups of Utility.

If your customers and clients can’t use the item then why give it to them? We want your client to show off their gift, so make sure it’s something you would be proud to have and use yourself.

Holiday Cup1

Stir in Quality until well blended.

“You can’t fake quality any more than you can fake a good meal.” – William S. Burroughs. Most people have a knack or at least a feeling when something is good quality. Often times it’s more effective to spend a little more on an item that shows good quality that to skimp and find something cheap.


Add Presentation

The packaging and presentation of a promotional item can make any gift stand out from the rest. If the package looks beautiful and creates a sense of curiosity, quality, or amazement, then you’ve already won half the battle.


Sprinkle with Messaging

What you say when you give a promotional item can be more important than the item itself. A little bit of clever wording that touches on their emotions added to a promotional item can bring your customer deeper into the experience and enjoyment of the product. It can be as simple as a card or sticker on the item but what you say may be remembered more than what you actually give.

Gumball text

Bake for 30 minutes or until golden brown.

Promotional products and gifts are one of the oldest forms of advertising. Even with the rise of digital media and online interactions promo will never go away because people will always love to receive a gift. Make that gift something they can remember and cherish. This will connect you with that person and allow you to form a relationship that can grow into a fruitful relationship.